Gail Simone is all of us.




Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.


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"There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness moves along it."

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Lethbridge Stewart and Osgood (Gifs not mine)

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Martin Freeman | SDCC 2012 Hobbit Panel

With all of the Benedict SDCC on my dash, I thought I would bring back this gem of a photo.  Only Martin Freeman could get away with this outfit.  The sandals are still my favorite.

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Oh Petey C, I love you already.

For those like me who can neither afford nor be arsed to leave their house on a Sunday morn to buy a copy of the Times, my good friend Blogtor Who has been kind enough to summarise the interview here. PLENTY of food for thought. Opinions?

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shes so cute im in pain

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cute date idea: five year mission in space exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before

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Video games are great, they let you try your craziest fantasies. For example, on the sims, you can have a job and a house

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Vinette Robinson as Gee in Brown Widow.

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Tinder is the greatest thing ever omg


Orange is the New Black portraits by Geoff Barrenger

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a muggleborn student gets called a mudblood, so they lick their hand and wipe it on the pureblood’s face, singing “got mud on your face, you big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place”

all the muggleborns in the vicinity immediately go *STOMP STOMP CLAP* repeatedly gettting closer and closer to the pureblood

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